The Indalo Man

a messenger of luck

The Indalo Man

The, Indalo“, has been used in Almería since ancient times and it is now synonymous with Almeria and Murcia regions. It is related to the cave paintings found in, Los Leteros (Vélez Blanco), dated back to 2500 B.C.

It is a messenger of luck as well as a talisman. Historically, locals drew this symbol over the doors to keep away bad spells and storms from their homes. Tradition dictates the actual Indalo in form of a souvenir, only has an effect if it is given to someone as a gift.

This is why we gift all our clients an Indalo Man with your free cycle top for all clients on our weeklong training camps. As we, proudly adorn the Indalo man on the back of our cycle jerseys, a symbol that once seen cannot be missed.

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