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Festivities in Mojácar

Festivities in Mojácar

If you would like to plan your visit for a time when there is one of our local Festivals running, here is your guide to some of the more popular ones.

February. Carnival


The carnival in Mojácar is famous all around Spain for being original . Their fancy dress costumes, various parades including the most outrageous of all, the “Humorous” Parade. Villagers, friends, and families hold a contest for the funniest acts, scenes and costumes based on events that have happened over the last year within their community. Then the final Carnival, ending with the largest parade, travelling through the main street down to the beach.

Feb 28th. Day of the Andalucian Comunity


This is the “Day of the Andalucian Comunity”. The Mojácar region decorates its streets and buildings green and white, the colors of its flag. On this day they reconstruct acts with the raising of the flag, including bands from the local schools playing the Andalucian anthem, a local marathon and finally preparing a huge, giant Paella for the locals and tourists alike.

March-April. Day of the Old Woman in Mojácar


It is traditión for the 1st Thursday at the start of Lent to celebrate “Day of the Old Woman”. Friends and family go into their surrounding countryside, parading through the streets, with their hand made old looking, figures of women. These being similar to the British scarecrow , however generally made of papermache and not straw, with the head being filled full of sweets. These figures are then attached to a wooden cross, and stuck lightly into the ground, for all the local children to start their game, to see who can get the most sweets by knocking the heads off these figures.

March-April. Semana Santa


Easter, a very sentimental and religous time in the region of Mojácar. From the different processions, including the carrying of Jesus on their backs and the catholic virgin saints, but the most intresting is the reuniting of Jesus and the Virgin Saints at the end of the parade which is called the “Finding Procession” which happens under the Arch of Mojácar.

May. Romería de San Isidro


The pilgrimage of San Isidro , is the Sunday closest to May the 15th. With the flowering offering being the main event. The celebrations start on the Friday with a concert, then continuing on through to Saturday with street, and open air dances called verbena followed by a grand firework display. Then on Sunday the main event , which are various styles of floats and carts carrying the flowers being pulled by donkey, horse and even tractors , followed by traditional folk music and dancers.

June. Moors and Christians


The Moors and Christians, the most important celebration in Mojácar. It takes place the weekend closest to June the 10th to commemorate the peaceful surrender to the Catholic Kings in the 15th century.

During this time you will find the atmosphere to match, around the medieval markets, throughout the streets of Mojácar, re enactments of medieval tournaments and not forgetting the most famous re enactment of all “The Moors and Christians” including the wearing of the 15th century costumes also during the parade. All accompanied by Local and traditional music around the streets.

June 23rd. The Bonfires of San Juan in the beach


A magical night, these bonfires are on the beach area, for everybody see, celebrating and welcoming the Summer season. These fires are secure as they are lit up in large metal containers, followed by the local traditional dancing Verbena on the beach

Aug 28th. San Agustín, patrón de Mojácar


This is the celebration of the patrón saint of Mojácar, San Augustín. They have various activities but the best are the “Ribbon runs”. The children are the main characters, and they start by ridding though the narrow streets on their bicycles, their aim is to collect the ribbons that are hanging overhead without stopping or getting off, these are collected for all the single women in Mojácar. The adults also ride through the streets for their Ribbon Run but instead of a bicycles by horseback. It then continues with a flowering offering and procession from the fountain to the church, where all the women are in traditional Mojácar costume.

Oct 7th. Patrón of Mojácar Virgin Rosario


The celebration of the patrón of Mojácar Virgin Rosario. Always on the 7th of October with various fun activities ,watching the Ribbon Runs, this time men on horseback collecting these ribbons for all the married women, and the women follow in a procession accompanied by the live traditional folk music.

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