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The beautiful coastal town of Mojácar in Almeria is situated in the hottest, driest region of Spain. It has a desert-like climate and over 340 days of sunshine each year.  Surrounded by stunning mountains, superb sandy beaches, and unspoiled coastal routes, Mojácar is a perfect destination for a cycling holiday.

With blue skies and cooling sea breezes, beautiful white buildings marked with the traditional Almerian symbol of the Indalo, and wonderful bars and restaurants, Mojácar never fails to be included in any list of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

What makes Mojácar so special?

The mild Mediterranean climate throughout the year means over 340 days of sunshine, with an average temperature of 20 degrees. There are 17 kms of beautiful coastline boasting some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, many of which have been awarded the coveted Blue Flag.  The quiet, well maintained coastal and mountain roads offer breathtaking scenery and there are many wonderful bars, restaurants and cafés throughout the region, as well as a rich cultural heritage offering a wide variety of attractions to suit every taste.

Mojácar is made up of two areas; Mojácar Pueblo and Mojácar Playa. The beautiful whitewashed pueblo is rated one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Located on a peak 170 meters above sea level, at the end of Sierra Cabrera, east of the province of Almería,  the pueblo offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding mountains.

The town reflects its heritage of the varied cultures which inhabited the area in the past, and the streets resemble a labyrinth with their intricate network of streets, whose beautiful whitewashed walls, decorated with flowers, contrast perfectly with the blue of the sky.

Mojácar playa beaches are some of the most attractive in Almeria, and are part of the magnificent Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Out of the 17 km of virgin and tourist beaches, 7 km have been awarded the Blue Flag.

In addition, Mojácar playa is a lively and fun destination with wonderful restaurants, cafés and bars. There are discos, theme parks, go-karting and water parks in the vicinity, and for nature lovers, the coast of Almería offers many natural beauty spots, such as Cabo de Gata, with the famous Playa de los Muertos or the Tabernas desert.

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For cyclists, Mojacar and the surrounding area has it all. Brilliant weather, unspoiled coastal routes, loads of culture, and stunning and challenging mountain rides.  The area has featured many times in multiple Vuelta Espana stages, with the mighty Velefique featuring for the fourth time in this year’s grand tour.

The quality of roads, stunning scenery and variety of terrain means this area has been used for many years by leading UCI teams such as Movistar and Jumbo Visma for their winter training camps.  Our clients stay at the same 4-star hotel they use.


Many winter holiday makers love the mild climate found in this area – nearby Tabernas is the only desert in mainland Europe. Mojácar has more than 340 days of sun per year, and the winter months have plenty of sunshine; temperatures of 20 degrees are not uncommon and rainfalls are rare. 


Mojácar is situated at the foothills of the Sierra Cabrera,  on the south east coast of Spain (the Costa de Almería). Mojácar’s history goes back to the Bronze Age, and was occupied over the centuries by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans, before finally, the Arabians named the town Muxacra (meaning “sacred mountain”) which led to the present name of Mojácar. After a turbulent past, the village now enjoys a comfortable existence in the era of international tourism.

As varied as the construction styles found in this part of the world are the people you can meet here. Mojácar is known for the friendliness of the people who have come here from all parts of the world. The town is also home to the  Fundación Valparaiso, an international artists colony. 

The area is rich in natural beauty, and many people spend time exploring old volcanoes further inland or visiting the stalactite caves. With 17 km of beautiful clean beaches, you can choose between private little bays or action packed beaches offering a variety of water sports.  You can spend time relaxing in the sun, or hang out in one of the popular beach bars. At night there are many fantastic, friendly restaurants waiting to serve delicious international food.

There are many options to keep you entertained, day and night. Try some tapas, a traditional paella, or some of the delicious fresh seafood available in the many restaurants.  But there’s also the option of more traditional British fare,  along with several Indian and Chinese restaurants, and opportunities to try bingo or karaoke in one of the English bars.

Almería airport is about 90km away from Mojácar, and the capital of the province, Almería, with its busy port, is about 95km away. From there, ferries regularly cross to Morocco.

The “Indalo“ symbol has been used in Almería since ancient times. It is related to the cave paintings found in “Los Leteros“ (Vélez Blanco) which date back to 2500 years B.C.  The Indalo man can be seen decorating many houses and buildings as well as featuring on railings etc. throughout the region.  The icon is traditionally seen as a messenger of good luck as well as a talisman. Many people place this symbol on their walls or above their doors to keep away bad spells and storms from their homes – but they say the power of the Indalo man is only considered to be effective if it is given to someone as a gift.